Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy Daffy Day!

Alexsei's fancy buggy ready to hit the streets.
Here I am ! It was way past my nap time...so I had to have my passie.

Grandma Ginny pushing me around town.

Free from the buggy! Enjoying the sun and grass @ children's beach.

Olivia....Miss Daffy girl

Friday, April 16, 2010


Miss Olivia ...5 months old showing some leg ! Easter Sunday with the Hanger cousins.
Wesoly 8, Finn 11.5 months, Alexsei 15 months, Holly 6, Olivia 5 months

Alexsei hanging out in his most favorite spot.

Daddy Dave and uncle William and ALL the kids!

Red Soxs newest FAN!!!
Thank you Grandma Ginny fro my hat!

Here are a few new pictures of the children. Every one is growing like weeds and very happy and healthy too. Alexsei and Olivia do have special sibling moments with lots of laughter and giggles. We are keeping our selves busy with daily walks to the town and the playground and of course play dates with our friends!!!! Hard to believe last year at this time .....I was very sick with Olivia and had to put off our trip to Petro til I felt better. A lot in one year can happen!!!

Love from us all xoxoox

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Birthday Breakfast

Good Morning! This morning my parents to me out for breakfast to the famous "Downey Flake" on the island. They are known for their home made donuts. I have been to this place several times before and have never eaten one til today. My special treat for the day!!
HMMMMM...looks good for starters!

What is this thing???

Love the face !!!!!
NO, not for me at this time.

Try again....then Alexsei threw the donut on the floor.
ALL DONE with that!
Dave and I thought he would love to eat the donut ...we were very surprized he didn't.
Next time we will try a sugar or a chocolate coverd one.

More party pictures!!!!

Cake time!

What is this???? Not sure what to do with this???

My family....who I love!!!!

I am one today!!!!

I love a good party!
Wish I could eat cake...there is always next year.

Today is Alexsei's first birthday!

Grandma Ginny made the birthday boy's first birthday cake.
Her famous carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.
Party on !!!!

Mama Leith with her son on his 1st birthday....waiting for lunch and cake!!!

Look what my Grandma Ginny gave me....
my very own motor boat!!!!
Watch out Coast Guard here comes Alexsei!!!!
All we need now is a life jacket and captains papers.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Enjoying my First snow day!
Am I in Kazkhstan ????
No silly....only Nantucket.

More pictures.... of what we do!

I love to eat!!!!!!!
Look at me! I am very handsome with sauce on my face.

I have 2.5 bottom teeth and I do brush my teeth!

I can eat by myself Mom.

Low tide...just hanging with the ducks and lounging in the buggy.
A beautiful sunny winter day on the island!